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Alimosho General Hospital Celebrates World Hypertension Day

As the Lagos State government joined others across the globe to commemorate the World Hypertension Day on Sunday, the Medical Director, Alimosho General Hospital, Igando, Dr. Madewa Adebajo has asserted, at a virtual session, that the celebration was targeted at raising awareness on the silent killer amongst the citizenry and promoting effective medical management. He said “hypertension is an elevated blood flow in the artery; 45% -50% of patients that come into the facility are sufferers. Hence, the need for more sensitisation of the disease and its management. As an ailment that could be genetic, it is imperative for all sufferers to observe constant blood pressure checks with Clinicians for the purpose of monitoring its levels, even as dietary habits are being imbibed to regulate possible escalation”. Adebajo further stressed that dietary habits could increase or aggravate the medical condition of a patient, as such there is a need for professional consultation with Dieticians and Nutritionists for effective management of the disease. Speaking of the adverse effects of potential COVID-19 carriers regarding the malady, the Medical Director informed that people living with comorbidity are more susceptible to its adverse reaction, hence a clarion call is imperative for preventive standard precautions, as well as constant monitoring of the blood volume in the artery by the citizenry. In his remarks at the virtual forum, the Consultant Cardiologist with the Hospital, Dr. Adedeji Akinbo, said hypertension is a long-term medical condition, which could be genetically induced, or one with an underlying indication of a chronic disorder in the body system. He stated that “this indication has forceful persistence of the artery, even at an elevated rate. This could be 95% primary and 5% secondary. The primary range is concurrently induced by genetic factors, with the secondary basically from a chronic disorder, disease, or even some birth control measures”. Speaking further, Akinbo disclosed that patients living with Coronavirus disease could have adverse reactions following routine medications prescribed, especially if they are known to be hypertensive. While reiterating that research is required to establish its inhibitions for established potent administration and curbing the prevalence of the disease, the Consultant Cardiologist urged citizens to cultivate daily exercise as the Body Mass Index (BMI) is a determinant ratio of recuperation. “We must maintain a body weight, with absolute regard of the BMI, through daily wholesome grains consumption and nuts intake, lipid-free diets, alongside drinking fresh water and regular exercises. This will curb about 25% rate of sufferers in the populace from increasing further, even as those living with the disease are being effectively managed” he said.


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