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Diaspora Info

Nigerians are truly great, and so is its Diaspora who without fail showcase her greatness on the global stage. The word Diaspora was coined from the antiquated Greek word "dia speiro" which means “to sow over.” It also means to be dispersed or to scatter.

Though our Diaspora is scattered around

the world we shall gather for a greater

Nigeria. To birth our divine destiny, God in his infinite wisdom has spread and is spreading our Diaspora like seeds of greatness sown all over the world. So, it's no surprise that they continuously yield bountiful harvests with fruits of remittances and social/economic investments that contribute more to our nation's development.

This Diasporic harvest is no doubt an economic

asset of expertise and experience that will

equip us with the tools to engineer and make

manifest to the world, our inherent greatness.

Lagos know as the second home of Nigerians

in the Diaspora, is always ready to support the


To Nigerians in the Diaspora, now is the

time to discover and release the greatness

within you and spread its benefits on our

great nation.

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