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Lagos Island -The Central Business District.


Lagos State is the Nigerian Centre of Excellence with Commerce being one of its crucial characteristics being represented by the red stripe among other colours in the striation of the state colours; boasts of an elaborate commercial scenery with its Ikeja central business district being energized by the presence of a $100 million dollar mall which was set up to redistribute traffic from the Lekki Mall. The CBDs in Lagos State are full of life everyday with their pristine aura and hunger for excellence.

Businesses with a presence in Lagos State thrive immensely due to the educated and working population coupled with the vibrant demography of the state, most western businesses are replicated in Lagos with utmost accuracy and command an equal if not more, amount of clientele, demand and supply. This factor contributes to the soaring GDP of Lagos State which is now in the corridor of $920 million USD as at 2017 and if Lagos were a country, it would be the 5th largest economy.

Commercial successes have been detailed and ascribed to foreign investors and entrepreneurs such as MTN, Coca-Cola, Shoprite, Airtel, Uber and most of the companies in the aviation industry all of which record huge yearly profits. Therefore, if you belong to the group of international investors, an avid entrepreneur, or you are still contemplating investing in a region where you are hoping to provide service to a people where volumes drive profit, then you can look no further than Lagos State.


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