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Lagos State launches Emergency Floating Clinics

Updated: Jul 9, 2022

With the aim to increase access to qualitative health care services in riverine communities in Lagos, the Lagos state Ministry of Health and the Lagos State Waterways Authority have collaborated to launch a Floating Clinic Boat.

The boat contains essential medical equipments and items that will facilitate effective medical care for Lagosians—Four medical observation beds, a medium sterilization unit, an o2 bottle, a gauge, an infusion stand, a folding stretcher, a fully stocked first aid box, and other necessary medical supplies.

The Floating Clinic Boat, which has been constructed and outfitted as a one-stop center for medical crises, is divided into four sections: the wheel house, which is reserved for the captain and crew, the observation room for patients, the doctor's office/nurse station, and the reception.

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